Goose hunting in Iceland

One of Iceland best goose hunting in Iceland, Melar private hunting ground is some of the very best in Europe. It´s a mixture of 300 ha of barley fields, large wetlands and plenty of grass. Melar area is extremly attractive for the birds to stay. There are thousands goose feeding on the grounds during the season.

The hunt starts early in the morning when it is still dark. Hunters have to be ready about 1 hour before sunrise and then the last 4 hours after the daylight. 

 Size of the hunting ground is fairly big, 300 ha or 420 football fields. 

 Limited number of hunters to 4 birds per day.

Limit of 16 geese per day per gun. ( Greylag goose.) 

30 min drive from Reykjavik.

Season Mid September- mid November.

Fly fishing in Iceland offers two hunting programs, “Hard core hunting” or Full service. 

We also offer day hunts so please don’t hesitate to ask us about customizing your 

hunting trip and making it unforgettable.