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Fly fishing in Iceland sets the standards expected for professional and expert fly fishing guides. Our guides are all professional and have plenty of  knowledge to give our clients a productive and memorable time when they are fishing. Our most senior guide has more than 20 year experience of fly fishing guiding in Iceland. We provide day trips or longer salmon or trout trips for anglers. The best advice we can give you is make a reservation via email and book your trip as soon as you know the exact date or dates you would like to fish. When booking please let us know the number of people that will be in your party.


I fish SALMON (Fly Fishing only) in ICELAND every Summer since 30 years

GUDMUNDUR, nickname “GUMMI” is my guide since 15 years. I knew him because of his uncle JONAS JONASSON the famous fly_tier of Icelandic FRANCES fly. GUMMI is a very good guide both for TROUT (we fished MINNIVALLALALÆKUR) and SALMON also good fly_tier.

He knows very well many rivers and specially NORDURA. (The “queen of Icelandic rivers”) We have always good results with him and a lot of fun and pleasure.
He can organize booking of premium dates and invoice a global cost very reasonable including his service. He can provide 4 WHEELS DRIVE cars at good price. Also a good cook for “self catering lodge” as on LAUGADALSA.

You will enjoy with him your SALMON or TROUT trip in ICELAND. 

Rautureau Yvon

La Rochelle, FRANCE 


“It’s not just for boys!!  It was my first trip to Iceland, and my first attempt at fly-fishing. I had such a great time, perhaps the best day I had in Iceland.  Gudmundur said I picked up the technique quite quickly (he was very patient!).  Although I didn’t have the specific goal of catching a fish, Gudmundur put me in the right spot so I caught a beautiful Char.  Fly-fishing was magical, beautiful surroundings, sounds of wind and water – I think I have found a new hobby.  Thank you Gudmundur – what a memorable day!”

All the best from the United States,

Ingrid  Kaat


A good friend of mine asked me if I had any interest in joining him on a fishing trip to Iceland the last week of May 2011. Having little fly fishing experience and with no experience in Iceland I immediately said “yes” to the invite.Through web searches my friend found Gudmundur, aka Gummi, at flyfishinginiceland.com and he struck gold and started our week of good fortune.

It is too early in May for the salmon to be running but we fished rivers for char and lakes for huge brown trout.We fished by day and we fished at night in the midnight light of Iceland.

Gummi lives and breathes fish and fishing. He knows his craft cold. But there is more to the ma, much more.

Gummi knows Iceland! Its’ history, geography, traditions, literature, all countless points of interest. He also knows all the best restaurants and there are many of them in Iceland.

On a day too raw to fish, Gummi took us on a long and interesting tour that I will never forget. So both a fishing guide and tour guide is Gummi.

I will go back to Iceland to discover more of that incredible island nation. I will definitely go back to Gummi.

Don Scammell

Lake Placid, NY, USA


Gummi thank you so much for the very nice days at the Ranga last week.This was definitely my greatest fishing happening ever since I learnt anything of this sport. You found the right balance between teaching me new many methods and letting me try on my own. It was very interesting to learn the new methods – especially with the small fly nr 14, and the methods of spotting salmon. To have the Francis in the accurate place and getting the salmon to take it was extremely exiting. You bet I will try this in Norway next summer.These methods give me a bigger repertoire in fishing and more chances of taking fish – especially under difficult conditions – which it often seems to be.

All the best from Norway,

Ole Kristian Skorve

Fishermans Friend


“Gudmundur, (Gummi) of Fly Fishing in Iceland is a wonderful guide into the fishing and the spirit of Iceland. My guided trip with him to the backroads and cabins on his native country was a fishing trip of a lifetime. Gummi is both a good guide and companion. Cooking Arctic char at a lake-front cabin is always going to be a moment in time I cannot forget. He will find fish and help you discover Iceland. Highly recommended.”

James Vesely

Seattle, Washington


“I had never been to Iceland and through the internet contacted Gummi and started a short but effective correspondence on what a friend or two might be able to arrange in a May fishing experience to Iceland for Brown Trout… Within a day or two we had the full information and all the questions asked to the scope of the trip and alternative side trips which might entertain us in bleak weather over a week in Iceland. In the end, a friend from Lake Placid, New York joined me in Boston and we flew off to Iceland and were met by a big smile, instantly knowing it was Gummi. We decided to go to the hotel in Reykjavik and prepare for fishing which put us on a lake shore by noon. We fished all afternoon and then Gummi drove us back (but never on the same road-ever) to town where we had dinner… The weather turned rainy and very squally and so on our second day we decided to not fish but to get Gummi to drive us north along the coast and get a chance to see the countryside, realistically being one of my best day exploring a countryside never seen before…. Iceland topography is something quite special to see and its diversity of vegetation, lava flows, hundreds and hundreds of rivers make it “one of a kind”.  But loved the way Gummi was completely comfortable with the tour guide aspect rather than fishing which really enriched the trip.. Visits later in the week to the Blue Lagoon spa, museums, coastal restaurants all made the trip far more interesting than just a fishing trip…. But over the next few days we were back to world class fishing and on different rivers and lakes, even fishing one evening well past midnight with the sun still shining…. (a first).  At the half way point of our visit, we moved out to a country house to be closer to the fishing and this too was helpful, making it comfortable and another Icelandic experience.  Overall, this was one of the best trips I’ve taken for its diversity of experiences, but also in trying to absorb the Icelandic personality and better understanding a people as vigorous as Icelanders are…  I was so impressed with Gummi and his eye for detail and diverse interests, that I’m organizing a return trip but bringing my family in the summer of 2012″.

R. Colt Bagley III,

Paget, Bermuda


 20/12 2019

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